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Future Trends in Medical Education: A Publisher’s Perspective How can we empower medical educators to train doctors of the future, given the ever-changing landscape of medicine and demanding student learning needs?

con Scott Grillo​, President, McGraw Hill Professional​ 

Today’s medical students have a wealth of information available to them, but do they understand the importance of identifying and using trusted medical resources for foundational learning and clinical reference in an internet cluttered with unreliable information? Medical faculty are facing ongoing pressures to alter old teaching strategies and embrace new active learning, but how do we bridge the gap between classroom learning and clinical practice?

This session will explore how eLearning resources can provide the foundation on this journey of change and support faculty with the most current and continuously updated information and learning methods. We will also discuss new teaching pedagogies, such as flipping the classroom, and how they may play a vital role in growing the students’ sensibility to understand how to look for evidence, how to assess it and – eventually – transform their learning path into a more self-directed, and lifelong one.