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Krystyna K. Matusiak

Library and Information Science Program, University of Denver
La Visual Literacy in pratica: un'analisi delle competenze

Digital technology has dramatically changed the way we create and utilize visual materials.
The development of digital tools, especially of graphic software and digital cameras, enabled easier creation and reproduction of images. The Web, social media, and mobile technology contributed to the ease of viewing and sharing images on the global scale. Image users are not only viewers but also creators and active contributors to visual communication.
In an academic environment, traditionally dominated by text, the proliferation of visual resources has sparked a debate about the use of images in university education.
With the expanding role of images in communication and education, visual literacy is gaining more attention in research and practice. The concept of visual literacy includes critical understanding of visual information as well as the skills in creation and processing of digital images.
This presentation will examine visual literacy as a multidimensional phenomenon and will report the findings of the research project that examined university students' visual literacy skills and use of images in the practical context of academic work. The study explored the role images play in academic papers and presentations, and the ways students select, evaluate, and process images. This study demonstrates that despite living in a visually rich world, students are not experts in using images and require assistance developing visual literacy skills. The presenter will also discuss the implications of the study for teaching visual literacy across curriculum and in library instruction.

Krystyna K. Matusiak is an Associate Professor in the Library & Information Science Program (LIS) at the University of Denver.
Her research interests focus on digital libraries, digitization of cultural heritage materials, visual information, and user studies.
Her book, Digital Libraries: Research and Practice, co-authored with Dr. Iris Xie was published by in 2016.


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