Foto di Loida Garcia-Febo
Loida Garcia-Febo

ALA President Elect
Le biblioteche sono per tutti: favorire lo sviluppo delle comunità, garantire l'accesso, prendersi cura delle persone

Libraries of all types are bastions of democracy, access, intellectual freedom, diversity and the public good.
Our profession's core values propel us to serve patrons, students, and faculty in a wide variety of ways.
We must continue promoting the value of libraries to enrich our communities.
Libraries help job seekers, entrepreneurs, people with health conditions, seniors, and those with different linguistic backgrounds and abilities.
Libraries play a central role in helping people and communities.

Loida Garcia-Febo's keynote will bring together concepts of libraries of all types as pillars of education and at the intersection of human rights, universal access to information, serving diverse and multiethnic populations, and making your library a welcoming place to all members of the community.
This presentation will include examples of programs from libraries in the USA.


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