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Hannelore Vogt

Leiterin der Stadtbibliotek Köln
Biblioteche nell’era digitale: servizi innovativi e trasformazione dello spazio. L'esperienza pilota della Biblioteca pubblica di Colonia

The facilitator talks about the implementation and integration of social media channels into the daily work of one of the biggest Public Libraries in Germany – both for the internal and external communication. This means for example the use of blogs or wikis for staff knowledge management as well as Facebook, Twitter and blogs for the communication with the customer. Customer generated content and customer participation are within a high priority level at Cologne Public Library. This is one of the reasons why CPL offers the collaborative recommender service “Librarything for Libraries” to its users. This strategy implies a transformation of the physical space and the programs as well – the library as a makerspace with 3-D-printers or fab labs and webbased events like "geeks@cologne".
During this transformation process a bottom-up participation of as many as possible staff members was as important as teambuilding or the development of a web 2.0 communication strategy and an own social computing guideline.

Dr. Hannelore Vogt is a member of the IFLA Metropolitan Libraries Standing Committee (before Public Libraries Standing Committee), a chair of the Advisory Board "Information and Library" of the Goethe Institute and a Strategic Advisor and Reviewer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Global Libraries, Global Development). She has been working in various German libraries of repute for the last 30 years. Apart from having a degree in Librarianship, she also has a PhD in Cultural Management in the field of library marketing.
She is a consultant for library management in many libraries, institutes and other organizations in Germany as well as abroad and has many publications to her credit in the field of customer orientation, innovative information services and library management.
Since 2008 she is working as the director of the Cologne Public Library, one of the biggest library systems in Germany. Before that she was head of the Würzburg City Library which earned the "Bavarian Online Award" for innovative internet applications. Würzburg Public Library has also been the winner in the national library ranking (BIX) four times and was elected "Library of the Year" by the German Library Association and the Zeit-Foundation.


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