Foto di Christoph Bläsi
Christoph Bläsi

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
Sistemi complessi di gestione dell'informazione e della conoscenza come sfide al paradigma aperto e libero nell'università

In the academic world, particularly in the (natural) sciences, the open / free paradigm has become a central idea within the last few years. And indeed, corresponding settings of the course have a whole range of positive effects on institutional research. However, this can only work consistently and to the full, if the academic communities have control of all it needs to fullfil the tasks at hand, not least with respect to making research results known in appropriate manners. If, however, tasks like e.g. the provision of a continuous consolidation of results or the processing of those results for the Semantic Web / the Linked Open Data cloud overstrain the own resources of academic communities: what does that mean for the open / free paradigm?
This contribution focuses the potential conflict of stakes between industrialized professionalism on the one hand and open science on the other; a contemporary extended concept of scholarly publishing is the framework for these considerations.

Christoph Bläsi (born in 1960): professor for book studies at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz (D) (since 2009); 2011-2014: guest professor at the University of St Gallen (CH), 2014: research fellow at Edinburgh Napier University (U.K.); 2004-2009: professor for the study of the book at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (D); 1992-2004: senior positions in digital publishing and strategic information management of various major German publishing houses; 1989-1992: assistant professor / research fellow (computational linguistics) at the universities of Heidelberg (D) and Bielefeld (D); 1991: guest research fellow at the University of Pisa (I); 1982-1989: student / mathematics, German studies and general linguistics at the universities of Freiburg (D) and Sussex (Brighton, U.K.).


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