Foto di Miklós Lendvay
Miklós Lendvay

Director of information technology, National Széchényi Library of Hungary
FOLIO: il futuro delle biblioteche è "open". Una piattaforma open source (LSP) innovativa basata sulla comunità bibliotecaria

The revolution in technology changed literally everything. The variety of platforms. The sources of information. The way of thinking about information. The classification, the availability, the copyright structure. And all this brought with it a different culture: not owning, but sharing. Shared catalogues. Shared namespaces. Shared code – open source solutions. Shared effort – community driven development, processing, crowdsourcing.
The biggest transformation came in the way information sources work together: sharing and linking the information, in a meaningful (semantic) context, provided and accessed by many different participants - this is the main model of library services platforms today. Modules, which communicate and interface with each other are built and connected into complex systems - by many vendors and communities, to achieve a personalized, tailored service for the end users.
This needs a specific platform and exchange standard, in order to make a meaningful complex service. The initiative FOLIO takes account of all the above challenges: it is linked, it is open, it is setting the rules for cooperation and interexchange. How does it work? Why the Hungarian National Széchényi Library wants to be part of this process?

Has received his IT-degree in Germany, specialised in modelling complex electrical circuits. He had the possibility to implement his knowledge in practice as design engineer at companies with nationwide and European networks. He has participated in several projects in 8 different European countries and took part in rethinking of existing systems and in designing new ones as member and leader of the projects. His responsibilities included the widest range of project tasks, like surveying of existing requirements and user's expectations, design of the system, selection and implementation of the best technical solution, system testing, user training, followed several times by the maintenance / support work and continuous upgrades of the system.
Beside the selection of the most suitable technical solutions he has also acted as a teamleader of international-multicultural teams for over 20 years.
He had the chance to gain professional experience at several types of companies, like at the Economic Office of the Hungarian Parliament, the Retirement Benefits Institute, at different banks, foundations, associations, book and periodical publishers, acting in several countries of Europe, in the Hungarian National Library and in nationwide cooperation / consortia of libraries.
At the National Széchényi Library he has been the Director of e-Services (IT) in the past 2 years. He is part of the IT renewal project, which will renew in the years 2017-2018 the complete IT infrastructure and all the software components of the national library. He is involved in the construction of the national strategy for the common catalogue, integrated library system, digital library, namespace, web archiving, mass digitisation. He is actively encouraging the collaboration between all types of libraries within Hungary in this process.


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