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Annette Dortmund

Research Consultant, OCLC
Connettere le biblioteche a un web di dati: nuovi approcci alla condivisione dei metadati

OCLC has been in the forefront of library linked data since 2006, when WorldCat.org was first introduced. No other library organization has shared more linked data than OCLC. Linked data relationships are embedded into WorldCat, and WorldCat is augmented with Schema.org descriptions, allowing search engines and other systems to mine and retrieve information from library data. OCLC’s VIAF and FAST authority files continue to be among the most popular linked data resources in the library community and beyond. IIIF API interoperability incorporated in CONTENTdm, OCLC’s digital collection management software, allows libraries to showcase their unique resources in new ways and give scholars and researchers better options for viewing and comparing visual resources within and across repositories. OCLC Research continues to explore the opportunities that linked data can bring to researchers and libraries. In 2018, OCLC Research conducted the third edition of an international survey to understand how libraries use linked data and how they want to use it in the future, which attracted responses from 81 institutions in 20 countries, describing 104 linked data projects or services that have been or are being implemented. [Results will be published by the time the conference is held.]OCLC’s research and experimentation, combined with projects underway by libraries across the world, are revealing that many more improvements are possible with linked data. OCLC is dedicated to continue working with OCLC member libraries and partners to make these improvements reality, to deliver services to solve libraries' problems, and to connect libraries with a growing web of data, in and outside the library community. OCLC's Annette Dortmund will provide an overview the latest developments from both OCLC Research and Product development.

Annette Dortmund, PhD, for more than two decades has worked for and with European libraries of all sizes, with a focus on inventorizing and analyzing library needs from multiple perspectives in a changing environment characterized by broader interoperability between systems and increasing group scaling of activities.Annette joined OCLC in 2001 and has since worked for OCLC in several roles. Her current focus as a Sr Product Manager is market research and research consultancy. Annette graduated from Mainz University with a MA in Book Sciences, Latin Philology and Comparative Literature, and was awarded a PhD in 1998.Annette has most recently participated in a joint project with OCLC Research and LIBER, specifically investigating the adoption and integration of persistent identifiers and their uses for supporting interoperability in research information management infrastructures, resulting in a report published in December 2017. Bryant, Rebecca, Annette Dortmund, and Constance Malpas. 2017. Convenience and Compliance: Case Studies on Persistent Identifiers in European Research Information. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Research.
doi: 10.25333/C32K7M Her current focus is persistent identifiers in the context of scholarly communications, and in the context of transitioning library data beyond MARC.


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