Foto di Theo Kemperman
Theo Kemperman

Directeur Bibliotheek Rotterdam
Un approccio alla biblioteca pubblica al servizio dei giovani

Among its various target groups, the Rotterdam Public Library focuses on youth and young adults. Different segments of this group have been identified and a plan was developed to specifically serve this group to address their particular needs. The presentation will discuss the why, what and how of the Rotterdam Public Library's multi-pronged approach as well as some of the program's successes.

Dr. Theo C.M. Kemperman has served as director of the Rotterdam Public Library since March 2015. He has a broad professional background in culture, education and science and has founded as well as directed several museums in the Netherlands. For the 12 years prior to becoming director of the Rotterdam Public Library, he was active as an independent management consultant for various cultural, governmental and corporate institutions.


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